Seven steps are there in choosing the right moving company

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  Transferring can be hard work and the distance is not a factor if you are moving a few miles or across the country. The most significant option you will make in this procedure is, that the right moving company will be selected. With all the possible options, how do you pick a reliable, experienced and secure mover? Here are the seven simple guidelines that you can follow to choose the most ideal option.

Step 1: Take the first step beforehand and be well-prepared

  The faster you start researching about moving companies the better you will be. The search for the right place to live should begin at least eight weeks before the moving date. Thus, you have a lot of time to gather all the information, compare the options and choose the option that is based on all the facts.

Gather Recommendations

  In the first place, you may consult your friends, family, and colleagues for their opinions on your exciting summer vacation. Individual referrals can be a useful source of knowledge that will help you to know if the moving company is reliable and the quality of the service they provide is good. Furthermore, you should also do some internet research on sites like Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau (BBB). Look for the trends in the reviews, and be concentrated on both the positive and the negative comments.

Confirm Certifications

  Always remember to check whether the moving company you choose is a real company with a license and insurance. Interstate movers are required to get a request from the (FMCSA) which is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can confirm a company's claim by going to the FMCSA's site. Examine from the state moving organisation or the regulatory body whether the company is a regional one to confirm its credentials.

Step 2: Collect different estimates from various parties for the project

  To have a precise idea of the costs and services, ask the moving companies to give you written estimates from at least three different moving companies. Beware of predictions that seem like they are too good to be true since they most probably are.

Types of Estimates

  There are three types of moving estimates you might encounter:

1. Binding Estimate: This is an unchangeable price estimate of the move based on the inventory of items to be moved. It ensures that the cost will be the same as the estimate of the amount that you will move unless you decide to move more things.

2. Non-Binding Estimate: This is the calculated value which is determined by the assumed weight of your luggage. The final cost can be either more or less than the initial one, depending on the real weight.

3. Binding Not-to-Exceed Estimate: This is also referred to as a "guaranteed price" quote. The one thing is that if the actual weight is less than the estimate, you pay less. When it's more, you will still pay the amount estimated.

In-Home Estimates

  For the most precise conclusion, you have to ask for an on-site assessment. A moving firm representative will come to your house to check what you have and then give you a more accurate quote. Do not companies that only provide estimations over the phone or online without an actual inspection.

Step 3: Discuss the variety of services provided by different colleges

  Not all moving companies provide the same services, hence, it is of paramount importance to compare what is included in each estimate. Consider your individual needs and search for the companies that give the services you need.

Full-Service Moving

  If you are after a situation where you are not involved, then go for the full-service movers who manage everything from packing and loading to transporting and unpacking your property. Thus, this choice is a costly one but can be time and energy-efficient.

Partial Services

  Some firms provide partial moving services like packing or loading the trucks only. You can probably go for this if you want to cut the cost and are ready to do some of the job yourself.

Specialty Services

  If your things are the ones that need a special way of transporting, like pianos, art or antiques, make sure that the moving company you are going to use has the experience and the expertise in moving such things. Bring to the attention of the subject the question about the extra charges for these specialist services.

Step 4: Analyze for Hidden Fees

  Thoroughly inspect every estimate for any hidden fees that are not mentioned. Some common extra charges include: Some common extra charges include:

- Long Carry Fees: The downtime in the moving process can be reduced, if the movers have to carry your stuff a long distance from your house to the truck.

- Stair Fees: The drivers will be charged if the movers have to go upstairs.

- Elevator Fees: Like the stairs fees but it apply when movers use the elevator.

- Packing Materials: Excluding the service charge, you will also have to spend for packing supplies like boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

  The foremost thing you need to do is to get yourself acquainted with all the fees that you will have to pay.

Step 5: Consider the Company's Past Record

  The record of a moving company indicates a lot about its trustworthiness and efficiency. Always look for companies that have a record of being top in customer service.

Check References

  Request every company to give you the names of the past customers who have used and enjoyed their products. Most likely, you might find a person online who has already used the movers and is willing to tell you about their experience. Was the company careful when it handled them? Did they arrive at the time and manner that was expected of them by the office? What were the problems and if there were any, how were they dealt with?

Review Online Ratings

  Besides hearing from people who know you personally, also look at the BBB, Google, and other review sites' ratings of the company. Look for companies that have high ratings and positive feedback. Do not be tricked by companies which have a lot of negative feedback and unresolved issues.

Industry Recognition

  Think about whether the moving company has earned itself any industry awards or recognition. The recognition by such prestigious institutions is a good proof of the excellence and the trustworthiness of the works.

Step 6: Evaluate the Quality of Customer Service

  The degree of customer service you get from a moving company can change your total experience in a great way. Watch how the company treats you from the first time you start the process till the end.


  Are they approachable and responsive and do they provide good communication to me? Do they answer your questions clearly and adequately, and provide the necessary information? Effective communication is the key element for a successful moving process.


  Do the company agents treat you with good behaviour and courtesy? This applies to the sales team as well as the movers themselves. A professional attitude can prove that a person is more attentive to the customer's needs and thus, can be more careful and provide better service.


  Make sure the moving company you hire is available on your preferred moving dates. If they are booked up, it can be a signal that they are highly demanded, but it will not be of any use to you if they cannot fit your schedule.

Step 7: Read the Details

  After all the clauses and rules have been thoroughly checked, the deciding key should be to get a written offer from the other party for the last sign. Make sure you understand what you're agreeing to, including:

- Cancellation Policy: Be aware of the organization's rules on cancellations and rescheduling. Is it possible to get penalized for having a change of plans?

- Insurance Coverage: Knowing the kind of insurance coverage the company provides is the first step towards this. The standard coverage is usually available, but you can also add more insurance for precious or delicate items.

- Payment Terms: Make sure to have a clear-cut date and method of how the payments are to be made. Steer clear of companies that demand a huge over-the-counter deposit.

Solving Your Rights and Responsibilities

  If you are relocating from one state to another, you should know your rights and responsibilities when you move the booklet that the FMCSA provides you. The presented text contains crucial details about your rights and duties when moving to another state.


  A suitable moving company can be the key factor that will determine your moving experience greatly. The seven steps that you have to follow to find a trustworthy moving company are as follows: begin early, get at least three estimates, compare services, check for hidden fees, evaluate the company's track record, assess customer service, and read the fine print.

  Keep in mind that some extra time and work in selecting the right moving company can be very beneficial for you and prevent you from getting into serious trouble in the future. Happy moving!

  In case of your moving needs, Star Express Packers and Movers is the best choice that you can make. We are devoted to quality and customer delight, and we try to make your move as smooth and easy as you can. Call us on the first day for a free estimate and allow us to assist you in the process of getting to your new home.

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